About us

autacon is formed by Roberto Gamo and Günter Zodel.

autacon is NOT a company. It is just the name to identify the work of two different and independent freelancers.

Günter Zodel worked during ten years in a Glass plant in Germany helping in the electrical department and developing several projects of automation.
Afterthat, he moved to a Sklostroj Kempten focusing on the PLC (Simatic and Simotion) programming and deciding the best hardware and steps for the developed projects.
Under his work, many projects has become to success end (control systems, pushers...).
At the same time he worked in Sklostroj, he worked as freelancer helping to companies of different sectors.

Roberto Gamo worked during some years in the automotive sector between United Kingdom and Czech Republic. Afterthat he started to work for Sklostroj Turnov focusing his work in the Scada programming. After several years in Sklostroj, Roberto moved to T&T, Turnov, where he worked again in Scada programming. Besides, he helped with the Hardware concept of the projects and took experience with the PLC programming (Simatic and Simotion).

Roberto and Günter worked together in Sklostroj bringing several projects to a successful conclusion. The best of the combination is that Roberto and Günter cover all the aspects of one project.
They have decided to work again together to repeat successes of past times.

With the confidence of the customers, they will achieve it.

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